Yesterday le boyfriend and I had an adult discussion–the midway point between a normal conversation and a fight. The discussion is unimportant. We’ve gotten pretty good at not getting hopped up about stupid things anymore. I’m usually the instigator anyway, and to my credit I’ve gotten better (ha after a little over a year!) at knowing when to keep quiet, usually. However, what is interesting is where he and I are individually. 

The boyfriend graduated from Graduate school last May, has been working at a salaried job since July, paying his own rent, paying off his graduate loans, paying is own bills, etc. He has matured quite a bit over the past year. He is getting close to wanting to settle down (in a year or two, mind you). He’s beginning to subscribe to the American suburban dream of a wife, a dog, a house and 2.3 kids. 

I, however, just graduated from undergrad last Saturday. I still have a year left of school at the University of Florida to get my graduate degree. I’ll graduate next May with my Masters. I spent the last 9 months working an internship that turned into a part-time job that required full-time effort, taking 16 credit hours at school, as well as being involved in my sorority. Ever since I took my last exam, its been unbelievably wonderful to have less and less responsibility. I am not ready to settle down… at least until after I graduate from UF.

On Mother’s day, which I wrote about a few days ago, it was such a European day. I spent the day enjoying food, wine and so many laughs. It was about the company and the culture of Charleston. I remembered what it was like to be myself, to enjoy the little things and how much I love the European lifestyle. Boyfriend is a fried chicken, sweet tea, cold beer, football watching good ‘ol Southern boy. I am just worried we will be unable to marry everything we want out of life.

Then this morning and last night the subject of babies was brought up. I am not ready for babies… although I love them and I want to have at least one bundle of joy. However, I am not there yet. Boyfriend said he would want to start trying around 30, so I would be 28… I suppose a lot can happen in six years, but I am still not there yet.

I suppose all in all, I am worried if we cannot subscribe to similar or at least complimentary lifestyles babies cannot happen. Is it bad all I want to do is travel, run through the world and eat French bread? Perhaps this is just me finally being able to flex my freedom muscles, you know?


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