Lovely Low Country Supper

One of the many benefits of living in Charleston has been the opportunity to sample traditional low country cuisine. I always find it interesting how the geography of a community shapes and influences its culinary traditions. When it comes to low country cooking, it is obvious how the geography of coastal South Carolina and Georgia molded the traditional dishes I have come to love, especially low country boil. The proximity to the ocean brings to the pot the shrimp and crayfish. The agrarian traditions of the South of course lend itself to the addition of the corn and the red potatoes.

Boy oh boy do I love Lowcountry Boil (known to some as Frogmore Stew or Beaufort Stew)– it’s a hearty one pot meal that is all about delicious proteins melding their flavors together along with fresh corn on the cob and red potatoes. I’m making mine with shrimp, beef kielbasa, crayfish, red potatoes and yellow corn. I’m serving mine tonight along with some homemade blue cheese coleslaw. 

(Image 1: Blue Cheese Coleslaw; Image 2: Shrimp, crayfish, Yellow Corn and Smoked Sausage; Image 3: Red Potatoes with Old Bay & Crab Boil sachet before the “boil” starts.)



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