Dolce Vita

Is there anything better than enjoying great food and great wine with great people? No, I didn’t think so either. Last night Mother, Godmother and I ventured to 39 Rue de Jean for dinner. My dear friend, Courtney, is a hostess there and it is always such a pleasure to walk through the dark wood doors of the bistro to deux bisoux and her smiling face. 

While Rue isn’t exactly the best restaurant in Charleston, it is one of my favorites. As my mother aptly pointed out it is my La Coupole. What is La Coupole? La Couple is une brasserie fabuleuse in one of my favorite cities in the world, Paris, France. I have actually eaten there, and from what I remember it was also fabuleux. A corner table lit by candlelight is just my speed. I’ve spent the past week packing up my Charleston apartment, so one last dinner at Rue de Jean was absolutely necessary. As were those three delicious glasses of Malbec and the incalculable pieces of French bread. Delicieux! 

So what’s the big bleepin’ deal? Why am I telling you about how much wine and bread I ate? Well, Rue de Jean is my Cheers. I have the same waiter almost every time I go. He knows I like red wine, bloody marys and I need bread immediately upon being seated. He knows my momma’s crazy and likes champagne, my Godmother likes dark beers and we all laugh louder than anyone else. It’s my go-to place whenever I can’t decide where to eat and I’m starving (hence the bread upon arrival). Tonight is my last night in Charleston and Rue de Jean is high on the list of what I’ll miss the most. 


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