Something Sweet and Creamy

This is an embarrassing anecdote. 

Working for this boutique public relations firm in downtown Jacksonville has proven to be a very rewarding experience. I’ve learned a lot in just a short month. One thing I definitely learned today was the power of double-checking, or just not being a moron especially when it comes to clients’ twitter accounts.

Several of our clients have twitter handles and I like to use TweetDeck to update their tweets. Its much easier than logging in, tweeting, logging out and then repeating those steps for multiple clients. That being said, I also have my own twitter handle (@southern_bel) as a user on TweetDeck. I frequently tweet nonsensical things that come to mind, you know, cravings I might have.

“Annabel, did you happen to tweet, ‘I really want something sweet, creamy and non-mucous forming,'” asks my boss, “because you tweeted it using FFG’s twitter handle.” 


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