Eulogy for 2010 and a Sexually Liberated 2011

Eulogy for 2010
2010 is less than a week from its final moments. I cannot lie, I will be happy to put 2010 to rest and begin my time with 2011. 2010 was an action packed year for me personally, I don’t know about you. Important relationships ended and dear friendships found again. I graduated from college. I became a graduate school drop out. I lost myself completely. I began to find myself again. I found new direction in my life and closed the door on possible paths. I changed my hair color. 

Resolutions, Plans and Hopes for 2011
For the first time in my adult life the new year holds more magic than Christmas. Though this year’s Christmas was one of my favorites the thought of all the adventures I want to have in 2011 has me agitatedly excited like a Thoroughbred in the gates. First and foremost, I have an out of character task ahead of me, something my friends (at least rour of them) have already placed bets on: I will not have sex for an entire year. For the whole of 2011 there will be no sex (of any kind), no kissing, no sort of romantic engagement of any kind with the opposite sex. So far the bets are I will last 4 months, 5 months, 6 months and one believes I can make it the entire year. What a vote of confidence! The reason for this is somewhat personal, but let’s just say a few key things happened to make me realize that I just need a break from men and the game. That and I haven’t been single in over two and a half years.

In conjunction with this “sexually liberated” (get it?) 2011 I have a few questions I’d like answered; very personal, annoying plague-like questions that seem to have no antidote. I hope to answer them, to solve them, to self-soothe. Memoir soon to follow.

There can be no new year without New Year’s Resolutions and these are mine:

1. To remain celibate for the whole of 2011 or at the very least until I have answered the unnamed questions to my own personal satisfaction.

2. To run a marathon. Training begins 1/1/11. 

3. To learn to properly shoot a firearm

4. To be accepted to the College of Charleston’s MBA program and begin my matriculation in the Summer of 2011

5. To read before bed instead of watch television.

6. To cook more often (and blog about it!) and eat a more cruciferous diet.

7. To stay in better touch with faraway friends through email, Skype and telephone.

8. To meditate every morning (or as often as I can in the mornings!)

9. To be happy.

10. To learn a third language (Italian or Spanish)

To you all, I wish you a happy, healthy and accomplished 2011.



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