Greetings from one of my favorite cities in the world, Charleston, SC. As always, it is a pleasure to return to the site of my alma mater, to see friends and to experience the unique southern charm of this chicly embellished antebellum city.

So far this trip has been full of surprises. Friday morning I interviewed with the Dean of the Beatty School of Business for the College of Charleston’s MBA program. I embarrassedly admit to you that they encouraged me to retake the GMAT in order to increase my chances of acceptance. Friday afternoon I interviewed with BlueGreen Corporation for a “Marketing Position.” I really hate when employers convolute job opportunities with ambiguous language and verbal embroidery to make it more appealing to prospective employees. It was a waste of an hour to hear about this “marketing” position, which ultimately would require me to rope tourists into seeing a 90-120 minute presentation on BlueGreen resorts. No. Thank. You.

Today I had an interesting conversation with a certain someone concerning the viability of college majors, specifically mine versus his. He, an accounting major, found a job utilizing his education three weeks after graduation. I, a French major, do not often stumble across job opportunities looking for a candidate who possesses my qualifications. Unfair, but that’s the way it is.

Monday morning I have an interview with a public relations firm here in Charleston for a job that I am determined to get. I have a good feeling about the position and I refuse to tell myself anything except, “You can do this!” and, “You already have the job, they just need to meet you first.” Monday afternoon I have another job interview with a sailboat company as an administrative assistant. Hey, it’s a paycheck, right?


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