Mustard Seed: An Epic Sandwich

With a spice as it’s namesake, it comes as no surprise that Mustard Seed is a restaurant dedicated to flavorful food. Located at 1036 Chuck Dawley Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant, this eatery is worth any wait and the limited parking.
One bite of Mustard Seed’s focaccia and I knew we were in good hands. I am surprised I had room left for the amazing sandwich I ordered: a Fried Green Tomato and Grilled Salmon BLT.
In college, I used to make a salmon BLT all the time. Mustard Seed’s version far outranks my creation. Crispy salty bacon, perfectly pan fried acidic green tomatoes, grilled salmon and pesto mayonnaise all atop bread that somehow never got soggy. Can you blame me for eating every single bite?
Everyone else at the table loved their meals. Mustard Seed has something for everyone. As a foodie with lots quirky friends (vegans, vegetarians and gluten-intolerants) it’s great to have a place where everyone can find something flavorful. In summation, do not hesitate to try Mustard Seed. I highly doubt you’ll regret your visit.

Mustard Seed (Mt. Pleasant) on Urbanspoon

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