Farmers’ Market Treasure: Diana Lauderdale

The Charleston Farmers’ Market is something locals and tourists alike enjoy every Saturday morning downtown in Marion Square. By 8:00 a.m., Marion Square smells almost good enough to eat. Doughnuts are fried right before your eyes. Crepes are made to order. Later in the day, bahn mi sandwiches make their appearance after you’ve worked up an appetite selecting your produce for the week. If you haven’t yet made this a Saturday morning tradition you are missing out.
For me, as a local, I’m there for the food vendors, like Roots Ice Cream, and the fabulous local produce. Artists’ booths normally don’t catch my eye. Yesterday, my mother and I stumbled across the work of a photographer, Diana Lauderdale, and we walked away with quite a bit of her work.
Lauderdale’s artwork is distinctive. She simply sees things that you or I wouldn’t. There’s a degree of rawness to each snapshot that brings you to the very moment it was taken—and in some instances the birth of the object itself. The pieces I selected are part of her This and That of Thine Eye,  Americana and In Other Words projects. Lauderdale finds a way to bring the subject of each photograph to life. She’s particularly gifted with color photographs.

I’m very excited to have two of my four photographs already framed. I’m even more excited to be supporting a local artist. In speaking with Diana, she’s absolutely a character. A wounded bird with gumption and an artist’s personality.

4 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Treasure: Diana Lauderdale

  1. Diane Lauderdale's photography takes the visual vocabulary of William Eggleston and makes it her own. With subject matter framed askew to create unexpected dialogue, she takes the Southern viewpoint and tells a new story. Her small photos are tiny jewels of radiant color, delicious bonbons of decay and decadence oozing quirk and charm. Southern culture on the skids has never been so appealing.

  2. Annabel…Hi there…I just wanted to pop in and say thank you so very much for all of your wonderful and thoughtful comments about my work. I so appreciate the time you have taken to post this information and these images, and I want you to know it is people like you that have made this journey possible for me. Please know that in the bottom of my soul, I adore you for it. – Diana

  3. I bought four pieces from Diana at the Barsa Art Happy Hour on Friday. Great show, great idea (Thanks to Drazen Romic and Lisa Shimko) great food and great art. Diana is fun and her work is unique. Strange to see such a genuinely Southern eye from a Southern California girl. Great stuff!!Rock

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