The Dock Days of Summer

To say I’ve been stressed out lately is like admitting the U.S. needs a solution to the deficit. I haven’t had a chance to work out a single time this week and I haven’t meditated or gone for a run. I have turned my back on all of my normal stress-releasing activities during one of the most stressful workweeks I’ve had since I started my new job. I’ve had trouble sleeping and I’ve been weirdly short of breath—even lying in bed. I may or may not have broken down in tears twice this week.
Luckily, my boyfriend had a solution for us (he’s had a tough week, too): the dock. His family has property on a creek that flows into the Cooper River. It’s quite possibly the best place in Charleston. Friday after work we took tail-wagging Emma and headed for paradise. Walking down the long dock to the creek is like time travel. With every step the weight of the week, or perhaps the world, falls away. By the time you’ve reached the water you’re standing a whole lot taller. 

Post-work Paradise
We swam and caught up on our reading (him: Entertainment Weekly, me: The Happiness Project) in this:

My kind of recliner.

Saturday afternoon my mom and I headed to Trader Joe’s. To no one’s surprise, it was busy. I found some fantastic stuff, but I’m most excited about:

Mango Chile Fruit Floes and Raspberry, Lemon, Strawberry whole fruit popsicles!


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