Wardrobe Update: Dotted Maxi Dress

Outfit #1: Maxi Dress Mixes with Multi-color Stripes

A big, big trend this year is mixing prints. I’m going to try it out by mixing a printed maxi dress (polka dot-esque) with a striped cross body bag.

With this outfit, there were quite a few new purchases that needed to be made (everything except the denim jacket and the aviator sunglasses) but luckily it wasn’t too expensive. Besides, as you’ll see, there are more outfits to be made with all of these items.

Dotted Maxi Dress: GAP ($74.95), Fedora: Forever21 ($7.80), Sandals: ALDO ($40.00), Multi-colored Striped Shoulder Bag: Forever21 ($19.80)

Note: I was unable to buy the multi-colored stripe shoulder bag from Forever21. Within 24 hours, the bag sold out. Such is life– and often the case with Forever21.

Total Wardrobe Update: $142.55


This is definitely something I’d wear to brunch or out to a casual meeting with friends. I really enjoy the clash of low necklines with long necklaces. It draws the eye to the décolletage without being garish. The platform wedges keep the look and feel somewhat boho but the bright blue bag is both a statement and a surprise, drawing attention to the colors at work and also to the outfit.

Outfit #3: 

Just to prove that you can wear a maxi dress to work!

The only piece I’m missing (and haven’t found one that isn’t hundreds of dollars) is the statement red bag. It needs to be big and bold enough to be appropriate for work. Other than that, it was a free wardrobe update!


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Update: Dotted Maxi Dress

    1. That’s exactly why I like maxi dresses: it’s a ready made outfit. Just add shoes and accessories and you’re ready to go!

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