What I’m Loving Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! I’m here to spread the love!

1. My favorite sandwich place in the entire world is finally getting a brick and mortar location at 162 Spring Street. That’s right! Charleston Street Hero is going to be available all the time and my tastebuds are pumped!

2. Tomorrow night I’ll be hanging with Christina Orso of Hungry Meets Healthy discussing the salacious novel Fifty Shades of Grey during our book club. I. Am. Soexcited.

3. Fans of ABC’s GCB have rallied together around a petition that the show be continued for a second season. The network (wrongly) chose not to continue GCB and fans are not happy–myself included. I hope ABC takes note. PS– do me a favor and sign this petition. It’ll make my Sunday nights a lot funnier.

4. Downtown has its own juice bar! I stopped by the Juice Joint this weekend and enjoyed a CHARLIE— a delightfully sweet juice of freshly pressed strawberries, pears and apples. Yum!

5. I am headed to my hometown of Jacksonville, Fla. this weekend. It’s the first time I’ve been home since last October. So very excited to see childhood friends.

6. Trader Joe’s House Blend– my roommate and I usually get the French Roast but after 8 months of the same coffee, it was time for something new. This is a welcome change and might be my new favorite! Starbucks who?

7.  The Cannonborough Beverage Company’s refreshing lemon mint soda is available at my favorite bar, The Belmont, all summer long! What happens when your favorite mixer is served at your favorite bar? Probably a lot of drinking.


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