My Best Friend’s Wedding– and I’m a Bridesmaid

My best friend is getting married in 5 months and 5 days. That means two things: first, that I have to get in shape– the kind of shape where when you see hundreds of photographs of yourself you don’t cringe hundreds of times. Second, I have to select a bridesmaid dress.

The bride has graciously given her bridesmaids free reign as long as the dresses are gray or “warm purple hues like plum or wine” and aren’t full length gowns.

After hours and hours of searching for the perfect outfit– like I said, I’m going to be in photographs!– I think I’ve finally hit the nail on the head. Right, Rachel?

If you’ve been a bridesmaid before I’d love your input and your advice! Do I need to bring a pair of flats for the reception? 


7 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Wedding– and I’m a Bridesmaid

  1. I like that you get to pick the dress and I love the colors she’s letting you choose from. Gorgeous. You will look lovely in a dark purple. I’m here to help you choose between dresses!!

  2. Hot Mess, I love your blog. I’m actually in a wedding in few months where we have free reign to pick out a purple knee length dress. I’ve had my eye on the Heidi dress for quite sometime and I’m just wondering if you can offer any feedback on it? Did it fit true to size? Pros/Cons? Did you like the Spiced Wine color? I’d much appreciate any feedback you have on the dress! Thanks!

    1. Hi Emily, thank you so much!

      I ended up trying on J. Crew’s Lucienne bridesmaid dress in spiced wine. The dress was a very vivid, bright purple that was fairly close to the photo on J. Crew’s website. I loved the color.

      That being said — and I found this to be true with every bridesmaid dress that I tried on– you’ll find your normal size to be too small. This was especially true with J. Crew.

      If you are a C cup or larger I suggest you stay away from strapless dresses. I was constantly worried about popping out of my dress and readjusted “the girls” frequently.

      Donna Morgan has some great bridesmaid options that are a bit more affordable without sacrificing quality. Good luck!

      1. Hot Mess,
        I too am going to be in a wedding where we have free reign to wear a navy chiffon dress of any length. I had my eye on the Lucienne and the Sinclair and ordered both in my regular dress size. Oddly, the SInclair fit OK but I couldn’t even zip the Lucienne over my ribcage! (I am an average C cup) I wonder if the difference is between back zip (Sinclair) versus side zip (Lucienne).

        I am holding onto the SInclair – I’m not in love with it – and ordered the Heidi, also a back zip dress – and pray that I’ll love it.

      2. Rebecca,

        I really, really dislike side zippers. Rarely can I twist to the side to zip up a dress with my arms in all the right straps. So, I do feel your pain. I also find that, as a lady who wears a C cup, a lot of dresses from J. Crew don’t fit my rib cage.

        I had a lot of luck with designer Donna Morgan. Good luck on your dress search!

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