The Happiness Project: January

Last year, after reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, I attempted my own happiness project without much success. I believe, at the time, I just wasn’t ready for the commitment it requires to make a happiness project successful.

This time has been quite different.

I chose to focus on “restoring” myself during the month of January. It is my belief that most people fall into one of two categories: a “yes man” or a “no ma’am.” I am a “yes man”; I find it difficult to turn down opportunities. I suppose you could accuse me of suffering from FOMO– fear of missing out. Couple this with my tendency for working too hard and being an overachiever and you have a recipe for someone who is easily stressed, suffers from frequent fatigue and, lately, is sick more often than usual. This January, I wanted to focus on replenishing my energy stores and restoring balance to my life.


My three goals are to: create a refuge, engage in restorative mind-body practices, develop healthy eating and workout habits for the new year. My overarching goal is to balance my life. At the moment it is unmanageable and I feel my recent bouts with the flu, mono and an ear virus are evidence of a stress level too high.

So far during this project, most things have gone according to plan. The two accomplishments that have brought me the most joy are the fresh flowers I’ve arranged through out my apartment and my new, clutter-free desk.



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