What I’m Loving Wednesday 3.5.13

1. Blast 900— I haven’t visited Eco Fitness in weeks; I’m seriously debating canceling my gym membership and only doing Blast900 I love it so much. Yesterday was my fourth class and, while it was not easy it was easier. I can see major changes and there’s nothing more encouraging than results!

2. Trader Joe’s Kimchi— During my trip to Las Vegas last month I ordered kimchi several times. This super healthy Korean staple is full of good for you bacteria keeps you regular and staves off yeast infections! I found some pre-made kimchi this week at Trader Joe’s and it’s already almost gone less than 48 hours after bringing it home.

trader joe's kimchi

3. Daylight Savings Time— Daylight savings is this weekend which means more sunlight after work! While I love winter I’m ready for springtime and daylight savings lets me know warmer weather is just around the corner.

4. Stila BB Cream + Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer — I wrote a post about my favorite make up products a few months ago but a recent trip to Stella Nova and Ulta resulted in a new beauty purchase: Stila’s BB Cream. For the first week or so I used the BB Cream on its own but after reading the instructions on the back of the tube (always a good idea) I saw that it suggested topping the BB cream with tinted moisturizer. It’s my new secret for flawless and moisturized skin.

Stila BB CreamSonia-Kashuk-Tinted-Moisturizer-11

5. New funky nail polish trends. — It all started with a blog post from Joy the Baker. Now, I’m dipping my toe– or finger rather– into more “out there” nail art. I love that she refers to them as “DMV nails.” Side note: how do you get your nails to look like that? Mine are always short and bitten…

photo nail art

6. Every Day I’m Hustlin’ poster — I do hustle, every single day, and I want and need this poster, framed and hanging on my wall.

every day i'm hustlin poster


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