Spring Wardrobe Updates

spring wardrobe additions

This past weekend my mom, the dear that she is, offered to help me purchase some new clothes appropriate for my new position as the owner of my own company. About 5 minutes after she stated her offer, I dropped my breakfast– my very staining breakfast– down the front of my white silk top, down my mint colored skinny jeans and onto my feet. Perfect timing, huh?

I’ve been scanning JC Penney, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, GAP and Piperlime websites looking for great pieces that will fill the gaps in my wardrobe and make it a bit more sophisticated, too. Of course, I tried to pick things that would mix and match together well.

OUTFIT 1: $86

1. This printed crewneck from Joe Fresh at JC Penney is super feminine and perfect for warmer weather. I like the idea of mixing feminine florals and tailored business skirts. ($16) / 2. I didn’t shop at LOFT until this year and I’m kicking myself for not starting sooner– but this skirt will help make up for lost time ($70) / 3. I bought these bright blue court heels in Las Vegas at HM and I get compliments on them each time I wear them. ($0/already own)

OUTFIT 2: $71

1. I used to be an earring girl but I’m slowly becoming more devoted to the necklaces in my jewelry box. This cheerful, yellow necklace couldn’t be more vernal ($32). / 2. I’m obsessed with white t-shirts. I remember reading that Beyoncé buys tons of them ($0/already own). 3. Embarrassingly, I do not own a pair of black pants. These slim fit, work appropriate babies are sleek and cheap thanks to Joe Fresh’s collaboration with JC Penney.

**In case you’re wondering, I felt each pair of shoes I selected would work with this outfit!

OUTFIT #3: $198

1. I love my red blazer. It makes me feel bold, in control and very Samantha Jones ($0/already own). / 2. Of all the things I desperately need, gladiator sandals have been the toughest for me to find. I want something that is both casual and sophisticated, appropriate for dresses and jeans. These, with their sparkly elements and dual tones make it possible for me to match these with most anything ($70). / 3. I’m a big fan of the LWD and this little number is perfect for brunch and business.

OUTFIT #4: $378

1. The moment I saw these shoes I knew I had to have them. / 2. Who isn’t loving emerald green these days? Couple this regal color with classic lines and you have a modern day Mad Men garment. Of course, I just went back to buy this and it’s sold out. / 3. Vince Camuto Cristina Crossbody bag in such a bright, happy color.

OUTFIT #5: $29

1. Denim jackets are classic; don’t let anyone tell you differently ($0/already own). / 2. This red and dark navy blue striped dress is a nice riff on the traditional nautical theme ($29). / 3. I love these wedges and have never regretted purchasing them. Love their 70s vibe ($0/already own).

Total investment amount: $762

Total number of outfits: 16

Cost per outfit: $36.29


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