Apartment Redecoration Ideas & Inspiration

My oh my, it’s been 20 days since I’ve blogged. Blame it on Comcast (long story) and the fact that I have not had Internet at my home for a very, very long time.

Boyfriend and I are preparing our apartment for graduate school, making it a restful sanctuary appropriate for copious amounts of studying and hitting the books. First up? The living room, which also serves as my office. I’m into mixing bright colors (yellow) with soothing tones (blue).

Apartment Redecoration

Products left to right, clockwise.

  1. Photograph of Marrakech, Morocco by local Charleston photographer Leigh Webber.
  2. Glass desk by William Sonoma. In truth, I already own a desk similar to this. I love it because it’s large but makes the room feel larger, as it almost disappears! ($1395)
  3. Colorful abstract painting found on Etsy. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m loving pink lately. ($499)
  4. Aquamarine and turquoise are such energizing and soothing colors. I’m also very into prints lately. Love this pillow for a pop of both. ($45)
  5. Boyfriend surprised me with a pair of agate book ends last weekend. Those pictured are from West Elm, but he found mine at Target.
  6. We are on the hunt for a new sofa. Our current sofa, which I absolutely abhor, is comfortable but not my style at all. We’ve all but driven to Charlotte to purchase this sofa/chaise combo from IKEA. Who wants to road trip north with me? ($699)
  7. Behind the sofa? A pop of bright marigold! I really like behind the sofa console tables. Target. ($135)

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