Back to School Special

It’s that time of year again– back to school time!

My weekend consisted of two things: preparing for graduate school and doing as little as possible. Since my last day off was probably sometime in March I needed a good three days to just be. I could probably use a few more days, if we’re being honest. Nevertheless, my first day as a graduate assistant is today and graduate school starts on Tuesday.

I almost cannot believe I’m a graduate student. My brain hurts already. And, I’ve already been assigned homework: 114 pages of textbook reading.

If there’s anything I pledge to do this school year it’s to take time to workout everyday and time for divertissement, or amusement as the French like to say. The only way to replenish your personal stores of energy and hope is to do things that give back to yourself.

Why not start with school supplies?

School Supplies

1. When you need a little encouragement just look at your pencil. Etsy. $12.99 for six pencils.

2. Sip your morning buzz in something that will give you an extra boost. Quotables. $10.95

3. It took me forever to find a suitable bag to carry my laptop, books and notebooks. I was thisclose to buying a tie-dye backpack. (Not suitable for a graduate student.) This Aztec-inspired printed messenger bag doesn’t carry a ton, but it fits the essentials. Target. $26.99

4. Let it be known that I love notebooks. Target, $3.99.

5. This bright, colorful and cheerful iPhone case will make you smile every time you text, call or update Instagram. Kate Spade via Piperlime. $31.99

6. I think my love for bucket bags originates with my mom. (She’s probably carrying one right now.) The style of this bag is timeless but the color is on-trend. Love, love love. Vince Camuto via Piperlime. $198.

7. Make sure you’re on time for class with this sexy Michael Kors watch. Black goes with everything, right? Michael Kors. $180.


2 thoughts on “Back to School Special

  1. Yes, I am looking at my LV Noe bucket bag as I type. School shopping never gets old, even if it’s for grad school. (And no, I can’t believe you’re going to grad school either – it was only 20 years ago this month that you started kindergarten.)

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