The 101 in 1,001

Autumn awakens the adventurous “doer” in me. September and October’s changing leaves have always felt like my new year more so than January 1 ever has. With each day’s cooler temperature the feeling of possibility permeates my being. I like this feeling; It feels like opportunity.

Naturally, my co-worker Melissa and I have been chatting a lot about personal goals lately– and not in the personal record going-to-check-this-off-my-list kind of way. We’re both searching for a place, a place that’s most definitely within us but one that we have to travel outside of ourselves to find.

Think about that for a second.

I actually did sit down and think about this for a second. And, while perusing some of my favorite blogs, found this 101 goals in 1,001 days post on several of them. How serendipitous. I need this; a checklist of actions to connect the place I am searching for (the future) with my current place in life. This is my treasure map; this is how I find it.

Sure, there are items that feel surface level — buy a new leather jacket, for example. But, if you know me you know that my beloved leather jacket from college gave up the ghost. I loved that thing– it was an impulse purchase post breakup and it made me feel sexy, invincible and powerful. Why shouldn’t I have a piece of clothing that brings that out in me?

P.S. — Check out my coworker Melissa’s blog, Driftyland. You’ll like it, promise.

gold glitter

Starts Sept. 7, 2015

Ends June 4, 2018

( 2 complete, 99 to go!)


Wake up everyday for a morning workout for two weeks straight

Read at least twenty new books total, including five classic novels (9/19: “The Husband’s Secret”)

Start blogging again

Rebrand “Hot Mess” 

Visit two museums

Re-read the Harry Potter books

Sign up for a library card

Take a calligraphy class


Get back to my college weight/size

Find a yoga buddy and make it a part of my routine to go once a week

Spend a day at a lake (preferably with Charlie)

Replace my daily coffee with green tea for one week

Drink a gallon of water a day for a month


“Put on my face” and do my hair every day for two weeks

Recreate five outfits from Pinterest

Grow my hair out long

Walk Charlie for 20-minutes each morning for a month


Complete a total interactive media cleanse for a weekend (no social media, no T.V., no laptop, etc.)

Meditate every day for a week

Get a tarot card or palm reading

Re-read Eat Pray Love

Volunteer for a local cause


Put $5 in savings for every goal accomplished

Save for a house downpayment

Pay off credit card debt in full

Put $8 in savings each day


Go on three true vacations, one of which must be outside of the U.S.

Take a class on acrylic painting

Buy myself Ladurée macarons

Gift Japanese pastries to my mom

See a show at DPAC

Visit Rachel in Lawrence, Kansas

Host friends from Charleston for long weekend

Host Lindsay & James

Visit Cara in Colorado

Visit Caroline in Missoula

Visit Paige in Dallas, Texas

Go overboard decorating for a holiday

Take three trips with my girlfriends (Asheville, October 2015)

Roast marshmallows in the fireplace (for S’mores)

Try thirty new restaurants in the Raleigh-Durham area

Buy the Self Portrait Azaelea floral-lace midi dress for myself

Find the perfect real or faux leather jacket — and buy it

Get a tattoo

Latin Dancing at Cuban Revolution Restaurant & Bar

Take Charlie to two different dog parks

Visit the Durham Farmers’ Market and Buy all produce at the farmers’ market for a month

Assign a close friend a holiday; send said friend a care package for that holiday

Buy all produce at the farmers’ market for a month

Do something new and fun in Raleigh or Durham each weekend for a month

Go to five concerts

Make three new friends

Do some PR/marketing for my mom’s business


Paint the black feature wall in the master bedroom

Create an inviting space on the patio perfect for reading

Paint three pieces of modern art

Find the perfect twin bed frames

Buy a headboard or bed for master bedroom

Antique a pair of twin mirrors for the master bedroom

Complete the Decorista’s “21 Ways to Fill Your Home with Heart & Happiness” guide


Start a book club at work

Upgrade to the iPhone 6

Be published in two more academic journals

Be published in the Atlantic

Earn a promotion at work

Attend a TED talk in person

Speak at a conference

Write three case studies

Attend three networking events


Attend a taping of our favorite radio show, Ask Me Another

Go to Harry Potter World

Convince Will to grow his hair out so he can sport a man bun

Travel abroad for an extended vacation

Send Christmas cards as a couple

Marathon the Harry Potter movies in one weekend

Make/give handmade gifts for the holidays

Host a dinner party

Couples Halloween costumes

Find the best barbecue in Raleigh-Durham

Food truck rodeo

Couples bar crawl/scavenger hunt

Complete a downtown Durham brewery tour

Complete a downtown Raleigh brewery tour

Moonlit Movies in the Vineyard

Visit Bald Head Island

Join a kickball team, bowling league, as a couple — must have a trophy we can win

Take Will to get his first pedicure

Complete two Chopped-style cooking challenges — one for each of us

Beat Diablo 3

Take Will on his first European adventure

Host a game night

Go camping

Dine at the Chef and the Farmer

Wilmington for soft shell crabs

Read the same book together


Go to a Carolina Hurricanes game

Weekly date night for a month

Attend a scary, Halloween-related event

Visit Rosie and Brian in Columbia

Shout out to one of my best friends in the whole world who’s getting married today in Edinburgh, Scotland. I can’t wait to see the photographs of your joyous day, Lindsay. ❤


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