My Life in Fragrance

They say that smell ties us to memories like an invisible umbilical cord to the past. We associate smells with seasons, space, moments and people. One whiff and we’re transported — if ever so briefly — to days gone by. Think about your fragrance record. Does it tell a story? Here’s to a throwback Thursday all about the perfumes of my past.

The Original Kate Spade

The year is 2003. It’s late spring and I have just gotten my braces removed. I’m preparing to go study abroad in France (!) on a school exchange trip. The notes of jasmine, gardenia and honeysuckle will float through my bedroom in France, catching the light coming through the skylight. I will visit my first H&M, drink wine at 16 and pretend I’m fully European for a glorious few months.

Burberry Brit

It’s now 2005. My friend Lindsay and I are walking through the streets of New York City with my mother not far behind. We’re staying at 60 Thompson, a swanky hotel in SoHo with extremely cute doormen. Kate Spade was for girly girls; Burberry Brit is for sophisticated (British) women. The scent is clean, modern and just a touch feminine. With each spritz, I’m proclaiming that my ugly duckling phase is behind me.

Creed Virgin Island Water

Fast forward to my junior year in college. Though I’m already living in paradise in Charleston, South Carolina, this perfume transports me to tropical, seductive locales with soft, warm breezes, coconuts, and sweet sea air. My first serious college boyfriend loves this scent and I haven’t worn it since our break up.

Creed Millesime Impérial and Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint

Present day me alternates between two scents depending on my mood and the weather. Date nights, sultry outfits and cool temperatures beckon forth the sensual Creed Millesime Imperial. This slightly spicy scent just begs for a closer sniff. Jo Malone’s White Jasmine & Mint combines light, floral notes from the southern Jasmine of my youth and the fresh sweetness of mint. It’s perfect for daytime and when I’m feeling feminine and youthful.


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